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Alternative Actions that Work: a Review of the Research on Police Warnings and Alternative Action with Children and Young People

 Alternative Actions that Work: a review of research on Police Warnings and Alternative Action for children and young people” is a review which draws on national and international research, but the emphasis is on the practical implications of this resear ...

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Statistics New Zealand – Policing Statistics

  Statistics New Zealand provides information on apprehension by Police in New Zealand. You can seach within each of the tables for apprehension by age, so it is able to be used to obtain information on young people who are apprehended.    ...

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Research to Validate the New Zealand Police Youth Offending Risk Screening Tool (YORST)

This report, by Dr Elaine Mossman,  responds to a request by the New Zealand Police to conduct a literature review of risk screening instruments for youth offenders, with a particular focus on the methods used to establish validity and reliability of the ...

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Impact of Police Response to Young Offenders

  This is a report written for the New Zealand Police in 2005 by Gabrielle Maxwell and Judy Paulin. Approximately three quarters of young people coming to Police Attention in New Zealand for offending are being dealt with by diversion. It has been ...

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