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Fresh Start Reforms in Operation Progress Report

  This report provides an update on the impact of the 2010 Fresh Start changes on the youth justice system.   http://www.msd.govt.nz/about-msd-and-our-work/newsroom/media-releases/2012/fresh-start-reforms-in-operation.html (Assessme ...

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Ministry of Social Development Youth Justice Services Statistics

  This page provides information on 'youth justice services' section of the Ministry of Social Development's 2011 statistical report.   http://statistical-report-2011.msd.govt.nz/youth%20justice%20services (Assessment ...

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Compendium of Youth Justice – Office of the Principal Youth Court Judge

  The Office of the Principal Youth Court Judge has compiled a bibliography of research papers produced relevant to youth justice and the Youth Court. For futher information about this or about any of the papers, please contact the reseach counsel to ...

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Alternative Actions that Work: a Review of the Research on Police Warnings and Alternative Action with Children and Young People

 Alternative Actions that Work: a review of research on Police Warnings and Alternative Action for children and young people” is a review which draws on national and international research, but the emphasis is on the practical implications of this resear ...

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Youth Court Judges’ Speeches

  This page provides links to transcripts of speeches on youth justice issues given by the Principal Youth Court Judge, along with other Youth Court Judges.   https://www.youthcourt.govt.nz/     (Assessment, Effective practi ...

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Nobody Made the Connection: The Prevalence of Neurodisability in Young People Who Offend (United Kingdom Children’s Commissioner)

This report details the prevalence of neurodisability in young people who offend in the United Kingdom. http://www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk/content/publications/content_633 (Effective practice, Engagement with young people and families, ...

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Youth Offenders: Te Ara Encyclopedia

  Te Ara Encyclopedia provides information on the history of youth offending in New Zealand successes in youth justice and links to useful external sources.   https://teara.govt.nz/en/youth-offenders/page-1     (Assessment, ...

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Youth Justice History

  In order to understand our modern youth justice system, it is important to understand its background. The following is a module from Child, Youth and Family's Learning and Development team on Historical Perspectives of Youth Justice in New Zea ...

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Statistics New Zealand – Policing Statistics

  Statistics New Zealand provides information on apprehension by Police in New Zealand. You can seach within each of the tables for apprehension by age, so it is able to be used to obtain information on young people who are apprehended.    ...

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Courts of New Zealand – Youth Court Quarterly Statistics

  The Courts of New Zealand website publishes quarterly reports with information on the make-up of the Youth Court.    http://www.courtsofnz.govt.nz/old/from/statistics/quarterly-statistics (Assessment, Effective practice, Engagemen ...

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