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The Youth Justice and Youth Worker

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Youth Justice History

  In order to understand our modern youth justice system, it is important to understand its background. The following is a module from Child, Youth and Family's Learning and Development team on Historical Perspectives of Youth Justice in New Zea ...

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Statistics New Zealand – Policing Statistics

  Statistics New Zealand provides information on apprehension by Police in New Zealand. You can seach within each of the tables for apprehension by age, so it is able to be used to obtain information on young people who are apprehended.    ...

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Courts of New Zealand – Youth Court Quarterly Statistics

  The Courts of New Zealand website publishes quarterly reports with information on the make-up of the Youth Court.    https://www.courtsofnz.govt.nz/old/from/statistics/quarterly-statistics (Assessment, Effective practice, Engageme ...

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Statistics New Zealand – Youth Court Statistics

  Child, Youth and Family’s “Child and Youth Prosecution Statistics” tables give statistics on the make-up of young people appearing in the Youth Court and the outcomes they received.  Statistics New Zealand also produces a report summarising key tre ...

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Children - Journal of the Office of the Children's Commissioner

The Office of the Children's Commissioner publishes a quarterly newsletter Children .  Past focuses of the newsletter include: child and youth health, early childhood education, collaboration across sectors in addressing issues facing children an ...

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Rangatahi Courts Newsletters

  The Rangatahi Courts Newsletter is published from the office of the Principal Youth Court Judge, and is designed to give readers information about the latest news in the ten Rangatahi and two Pasifika Courts.   ...

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Youth Justice Practice Issues – an Update – Webinar Package

  This site allows users to purchase a New Zealand Law Society webinar from October 2012 which reviews the FreshStart amendments to the Children , Young Persons and their Families Act. The speakers (Prinicipal Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft, Aaron ...

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The White Paper for Vulnerable Children

The White Paper for Vulnerable Children is a New Zealand document which responds to public submissions, research and discussion on children considered to be at risk, and sets out a plan for the government.    Volume I sets out clearly the actions the ...

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Court in the Act - Newsletter of the Principal Youth Court Judge

  This site will provide you with an archive of newsletters from the Principal Youth Court Judge.  The newsletters contain articles and interviews on a wide variety of topics within the youth justice sector. Resource: Court ...

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Youth Publications

  The youth publications by the Ministry of Justice focus on youth and alcohol, domestic violence, the Youth Court, youth offending, child and youth justice statistics, and research reports & papers relating to youth . Resource: ...

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