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Youth Justice Practice Issues – an Update – Webinar Package


This site allows users to purchase a New Zealand Law Society webinar from October 2012 which reviews the FreshStart amendments to the Children , Young Persons and their Families Act. The speakers (Prinicipal Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft, Aaron Lloyd and Fergus More) covers the following: 

  • What has happend with s 283(o) orders under FreshStart
  • What has happened with supervision with residence and with activity and how this can inform best practice
  • How to take the best advantage of the potential of mentoring, parenting and drug and alcohol orders
  • What is actually happening with 12 and 13 year olds prosecuted in the Youth Court
  • About breaches and using available responses including Judicial monitoring
  • How Lay Advocates are helping with outcomes - when they are used
  • How to use the Information Sharing Protocol between Family and Youth Courts.

The cost of the webinar is $91 for New Zealand Law Society members and Associate members and $121 for non-members.