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Welcome to the Youth Justice Learning Centre



The Youth Justice Learning Centre (YJLC) is an open access youth justice 'college' for anyone working in the New Zealand youth justice sector. Here you will find:

  • a Learning and Events calendar of training events (open to anyone in the sector)
  • online learning materials
  • research articles
  • open forums for discussions (see Youth Justice Community).

Resources on this site are grouped into eight key learning areas:

  • Assessment tools in Youth Justice
  • Effective Practice (what works)
  • Engagement with Young people and their Families
  • interagency Collaboration
  • The Youth justice and Youth Worker (Professional Development)
  • Working with Children who Offend
  • Youth Development
  • Youth Justice Law and the Legislative Process.





Note: This site is maintained by adminstrators who will update content on new initiatives and training in the youth justice sector.